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Besides studying, this is what I do all day haha

[[What is this 107.9?! I SEE NONE OF THIS AND I HEAR NO CLAPPING AT THE END! ....;D]]

IM me, I need more friends! I haven't talked to Kyler in forever and I haven't seen Lisa in a bajillion years!!

(dont make fun of my screen name!)

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your really terrible and your screenname is gay

translation: i'm so jealous and in awe from the adorableness of your sister's combination of the word kisses and angel

Why, thank you :]

yeah blame it on your sister fag

Will your voice change once your balls drop?

i will be the only one who won't be a dick, nice jams~

Your statement is false.
I like it, I meant to post that last night

i meant i'd be the only one not being a dick so far.

Well, thank you, for not being a jerk

I luuuve justin bieberrr too :) hehe
Guuuuuuud tasite ;)

aaawww I clap for you and p.s. you should write more everyday, I see you more on twitter.....but I like lj better....less fans..like me

dude this was an rp account, not the real jb at all.

I so love Justin !
He is so cute here !

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