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My mom calls me two times a day, at least. >:[
I'm going to homecoming with Lisa! :D I'm excited.

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you're too young to be corrupted by peta.

haha, why do you say that?

I adore that green scarf. I might borrow it sometime. If that's okay. :]


And as I told you yesterday: Have fun at homecoming for me. :]

I'll try :]
And we'll have to stop by before we go!

You don't have to stop by! If you don't get the chance, don't worry about it. But you have to have fun.

your mom calls you because you're secretly ten, aren't you.

i made the mistake of actually picturing you making that face at me so i'm sorry i take it back don't make any more poutyfaces D:

Haha, apology accepted xD

it really was a joke. but you know, i get mistaken for really young all the time, so i couldn't really say it as anything but a joke, could i.

I figured it was a joke :]

There's absolutely no need to be rude.

there's absolutely no need to stick your face in at a comment meant in jest, and yet here we are.

There's absolutely no need for the animosity either.

haha love the four black and white pix......very memorable mr.Bieber

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